Present Perfect

Body Material

Present Perfect was approached by artists Rachel Cherry, Jaimie Henthorn and Virginie Litzler to design an invitation and a booklet for their group show at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

“Body Material” explores the relationship between the sculptural elements of the moving body, the photograph or video and the architecture of Herzog and de Meuron’s Laban building. Each proposition shares an individual relationship to the building, independent yet also in dialogue with the other exhibited works. “Body Material” is not about contriving correlations but exploring methods of resonance through physicality: the body, the architecture and the viewer.

With this in mind, we designed a piece of print that will act as a choreographic object. By playing with the positioning of the typographic elements and the materials used, we invite the reader to tilt and move the object in order to read the information, creating a physical and interactive relationship. A booklet with the artists biographies and a plan of the exhibition was also produced for the show.

130 x 200mm
100 copies

150 x 210mm
100 copies