Present Perfect

Dance is Present

Alongside Lunds konsthall’s regular print literature, we designed additional printed material for the “Moments on Moments/Dance is Present” event.

“Moments on Moments” is a concentrated and somewhat reworked version of the exhibition “Moments. A History of Performance in 10 Acts”, produced for ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany. The exhibition featured filmed performances by artists who have critiqued and transgressed genre boundaries between dance, performance, and visual media since the 1960s such as Marina Abramović, Trisha Brown, Graciela Carnevale… To complement the exhibition Lunds konsthall presented “Dance is Present”, a number of contemporary dance performances and open rehearsals.

While the overall design needed to comply with the Lunds konsthall brand guidelines, we looked for what could be a logical extension of the visual identity that would take into account the additional dimension created by “Moments on Moments/Dance is Present” series of events.

The layouts reflect the more dynamic and playful inclination of the live performances within a determined space, the one of Lunds konsthall.

120 x 190mm
500 copies
English, Swedish

Concertina leaflet:
140 x 210mm
500 copies