Present Perfect

Don't You Know Who I Am?


‘Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Art After Identity Politics’ is a major group exhibition that took place in 2014 at MHKA, the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, reflecting how emergent artists relate to issues of ‘identity politics’ today.

New generations of artists interrogate the formation of identities in the world through strategies such as performativity, abstraction, thingness, the logic and aesthetics of the digital, activism, analysis of selfhood from cultural and scientific perspectives or addressing the role of the viewer.

Curator Anders Kruger approached Present Perfect to design the visual identity for the exhibition. Playing on the notion of visibility, readability and recognition, the 27 artists headshots were altered digitally to create a series of blurred portraits. The 27 images created were then used as a common thread throughout the exhibition materials to give a sense of unidentified ensemble.