Present Perfect

Fluxus fund

Paris Calling Ltd and the Institut fran├žais du Royaume-Uni┬ácollaborated together to set up Fluxus, a Franco-British Fund for Contemporary Art devoted to the promotion of contemporary art and ideas in both countries. Allowing the support of exhibitions of French artists in the UK and of British artists in France, Fluxus encourages art institutions to apply once or twice a year to the funding of a project. Each application is reviewed by an artistic committee and successful applicants are awarded a grant.

In order to highlight the cross-border nature of Fluxus, its approval process and the diversity of its projects, the visual identity was based around the motif of the stamp. Three different shapes coupled with three different colours allow a design that reflects Fluxus flexibility and its evolving nature.

Series of publications, logotype.

150 x 210mm
200 copies