Present Perfect

Jimmie Durham

The Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art (M HKA) commissioned Present Perfect to design the catalogue for Jimmie Durham exhibition “A Matter of Life and Death and Singing”. Working closely with curator Anders Kreuger, we approached the catalogue as a visual essay travelling through Jimmie Durham’s work. From the very beginning, It seemed important not to lock the different elements in a rigid or linear structure. It also felt essential to keep a certain sense of humour and playfulness, both key components of Jimmie’s work and personality.

A bespoke typeface Transit was also designed for the occasion. Taking inspiration from road sign typefaces, Transit allows us to reinforce the idea of travel, pointing at directions in a utilitarian and unobtrusive way.

The catalogue acts as a travel book, a passport and a guide through the exhibition and more widely through Jimmie Durham’s nomadic life questioning notions like nationality and identity.

240 x 310mm
160 pages
2000 copies
English (+ Flemish Supplement)
Published by JRP | Ringier